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FHG Cypress Recliner Armchair

FHG Cypress Recliner Armchair

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  •  About Cypress Recliner Armchair

  • The Cypress Recliner is a carefully crafted recliner made to provide unparalleled comfort. Designed and made in Australia using high-quality materials, the Cypress Recliner is available with a range of adjustable mechanisms to suit your needs. Our manually operated mechanism allows for an easy transition between positions, while our electric options make it possible to find the most comfortable setting with just the press of a button. Our single motor electric space-saving version offers tremendous flexibility in small spaces, while our 2 motor electric multi-adjustable version allows customized seating positioning with independent back and footrest control. With its durability and classic design, the Cypress Recliner will always be a favorite. Suitable for retirement living, health care, aged care, hotel, visitor lounge seating.
  • Measurements

    830 Width
    920 Depth
    1080 Height
    1650 Fully Extended Depth
    510 Seat Height
    480 Seat Depth

    Featured Upholstery Fabric

    Materialised Fling Alpine, a two-tone chenille weave with Crypton waterproof finish.

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